Amboseli National Park : Animals

Steven, Rob, Sal, Thiemo, Deb ( our hosts and guides) Antony, Bev, Clancy, Jan, Trish and Wayne excited to start in front of the Castle.

215 km from the Castle on Champagne Ridge to Ambesoli KWD Public Camp. Some tar but mostly dirt, dust, potholes and corrugations, so 5 hours later we arrived in time for lunch at the lookout in the middle of the park.

The hyena showed us the way to go and was not very happy to have his siesta disturbed. A very fat belly, not sure if it was from a recent meal, pregnant or was not well, but opened his eye when we stopped so figured we had better let it sleep.

This hyena was one of three standing on a culvert on the road. One ducked into the drain, one went over to the bush area close by and this one stayed close enough to touch, and gave us a grin…I think it was a “go away, we are trying to hunt” look.

These hyena were skulking past the Gnu and Zebras with their sights set on some small deer off shot to the left. There were three of them and they were determined.

The elephants love the abandoned resort in the middle of the park. It has great scratching trees and buildings and lots of shelter, but is close to the wetlands. Why was the resort abandoned in 2014? No idea, but there is another resort/lodge built nearby.

Amboseli national Park is a known elephant rehabilitation area. They are bought here from all over Africa for various relocation reasons, including getting in the way of farming or starvation.

We were busy watching the elephants out of the drivers side window eating and just doing in the wetlands. There are thousands of them. Then Gail looks out the passenger window and this Hippopotamus had his nose just about at the door. Could have ticlked his nose we were so close. When he opened his eye and winked at us, I thought it was time to move….fast…..

A hippo from the look out giving you an idea of the extensive wetland and variety of bird and animal life.

This guy had just been for a bath and we were in his way as he was heading back to the resort. We did not stay long because he was not happy.

Just hanging out in the waterhole and on the plain.

View from the campsite with Kiliminjaro in the background. Not a lot of snow this year and the snow is decreasing every year. The water from the mountain flows down into the Amboseli wetlands making it the mazing place that it is.

Sunrise from the campsite

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