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Obviously, all the great photos and descriptions in blog have been Gail’s hard work but I thought I would throw in a few of my favourite “stills” from my Go Pro. I still have hours of time-lapse movies to process but that is a job for when we are back in Perth.

Gail’s Days For Girls presentation in Nairobi
Gail and Clancy’s duet at the hotel at Zanzibar. Believe it or not, they were quite good.
Always happy to be talking farming – Rob, Gail and Clancy getting a farm tour from the farm’s vet in Tanzania
Can you spot the snake ? This highly venomous green mamba accosted me on the path through the hotel at Livingstone before going to hang out in this tree. Great camouflage !
Gail loves chameleons – Madagascar is the place to find them
From large to these tiny chameleons in Gail’s hands. They hang out as a couple – how romantic.
I can’t remember how the conversation went but the lemur looks a bit insulted
The roads in Madagascar are pretty basic. Besides the roads in the capital and the road from the capital to the main port (sealed but full of deep potholes), they were like this.
Gail always drags me though a few markets on every trip so she can find new and exotic ingredients. The fish section (definitely can not be called fresh fish) is always a bit on the nose, as is the amount of flies on the fish and meat.
Rain forest hike, with our guide Emil, on Mangabe Be Island
This guy leapt on to our canoe when we were going around Lemur Island
Obligatory selfie ………..

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  1. Hello the Pics are stunning pity you all have to go your own ways but it’s always good to have some self time seeing the Wildlife in a Natural environ is fantastic it’s like watching Aunty Loey looking at you Gail she’s sitting on your Shoulder Love to you both and thanks for sharing it’s wonderful eers me xxxxxxxxxx

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