Chobe River – Ichinga

Waiting outside customs on Impalila Island in Namibia for our visa, after arriving by boat.. Left Zambia, went into Botswana briefly, stood on Zimbawe soil, crossed the Zambezi, just to get to Ichinga.
The Chobe river as we exit the resort on the banks. It was fast flowing, quite shallow and rocky. The boat drivers did a great job taking us in and out.
The Chobe river and wetlands
Waiting for our boat to Botswana customs. The barges and ferries have doubled their prices because the bridge will take their business very soon.
Guinea fowl made us laugh. In the evening they streamed out of the bush land to the water, continually running and moving. Great to see them in their natural environment.
Drinking kudu. See the red billed oxpecker?
These buffaloes are massive, and the gangs are huge
Catching a lift..From here, we go our own way. Steve and I to Madagascar, Jan and Clancy to Namibia, Sal and Rob to South Africa, Trish and Wayne back to work.

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