FremantleWAus Days for Girls

Lovely Christine from Nairobi Days for Girls Enterprise, along with two of her sewers, met us at the airport. They sew everyday and provide training as well as go to as many schools as they can fit in. First they talk to the girls and then to the parents.
Talking to the girls at Tania Integrated about their bodies. The teacher in me came out and we relied on the pictures I photocopied from Perth. I left them with the centre so they can teach the girls that menstruation is a natural thing and why it happens.
We gave out 30 kits to the girls who were above 10 years old. The High School girls in the Centre orphanage were going to receive theirs after they walked the 8km back to the Centre.
Joseph and Jennifer the founders of Tania Integrated, with the School manager. Joseph has a Doctorate in Education specializing in special needs, and between them have dedicated their lives to helping children in the region.

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  1. Good work mumsie!!!!!!!! All yours, and the day for girls crew’s hard work paying off. You’re making a difference in their lives!

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