Looking like a giant panda, Indri Indri means “there it is’ in Malagasy. The largest of the lemurs, they can jump 10 metres between branches. They are also critically endangered, and have not successfully been kept in captivity.
This family of about 8 black fronted brown lemur crossed the river at Andisibe right above us. See the baby holding tight!
Indri have a 5 month gestation and only reproduce every 2-3 years. The babies will stay with the mother for about 2 years
The song of the Indri. This one telling the others this is my territory, where is my family? Loud and distinctive, it can be heard up to 4km away.
The Diademed Sifaka was really hard to capture in Mantadia as they were continually on the move. Also critically endangered due to deforestation.
Bamboo lemur checking me out! Not sure why
Small and gentle, they grey/ lesser/ bamboo lemur is very cute and in this pic, actually eating bamboo!
Collared Lemur with the rare variety Steven
Steven got the dancing lemur, Sifaka, and the Red ruffed lemur on Lemur Island at Vakona Forest Lodge. The guide had thrown banana on the ground which got them very excited.

Ring Tail Lemurs on the Island at Vakona forest Lodge.

After a 2 hour boat ride on the Pangalanes Channel we arrived at the Palmarium. There are 7 species of lemur on Akanin’ny Nofy at the Palmarium Reserve. 2 of them have cross bred to create a new lemur. these ones were very happy the guide had bananas.
Bananas for all, including babies
The hard to find and difficult to photograph Aye Aye Lemur eating a coconut at night left out by the guides to entice them.
The demon nocturnal primate with a very long finger to help get larvae from plants, and in this case, eat coconuts. Reminds us of mowgai from Gremlins.
White fronted brown lemur on Mangebe Island. Manga meaning very beautiful, be meaning Island.

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