South Luangwa, Croc Valley camp

We went to a community art initiative called Tribal Textiles. this was on their workshop wall. Definitely worth remembering.
They created beautiful fabrics and designs using the batik method, but instead of wax used flour and water.
Stunning weaving of all sorts and sizes of containers for all sorts of uses.
Our first open vehicle and our first night safari at this camp. We were right on the river and could hear the hippos in the night and the elephants walking through the camp. Had to beware before getting into the pool to make sure the crocodiles had not taken up residence. If anything was left open the monkeys would take it.
Elephants crossing the river in the evening back to the park after creating havoc in the local villages
We watched this leopard climb up to this spot right next to a Kuku pathway. It leapt down to try and get one, but it was too fast. This was taken as it was getting ready to run. After, she went back to her tree, ever alert, ignoring the larger males antelope with horns.
Night safari pride of lions. This one having a stretch after her 22 hour nap.
A rusty spotted genet on the prowl for smaller mammals, birds or whatever it can find.
Hippos come out of the water at night to forage and eat the sausages from the sausage tree.
Giraffe having a drink. Its a tricky manoeuvre as has to get down on his knees, and watch out for predators

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